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Popular questions and my best guess at answers...
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    Is This Thing On? top

    When do I update?  Typically on Sundays; I try to mention if there will be any change.  I will list everything I make each week either here.   Each bead is a one-of-a-kind creation, though I may remake designs I like people to know they are receiving the bead they are looking at. 

    Disclaimers top

    Beads are glass.  Glass is known to be a highly breakable object. Typically, if it breaks from being dropped, thrown, shot, extreme temperature change, struck with a blunt object, struck with a sharp object, mistreated, suicidal or emotionally unstable, it will then be sharp. If one of my creations turns sharp while in your possession, it could very well injure you. Please use all appropriate care! 

    My glass creations and critters - while whimsical, fanciful, and playful - are intended for adult use only. 

    Materials & Such top

    I use a Piranha torch with an oxycon and propane to create each of my beads individually - while some may be similar, there will always be differences due to their handmade nature.  I use mainly 104 COE glass, but occassionally dip into my stash of 96 COE.  Now and again I go a little hotter and switch it up with my stock of Bullseye.   The majority of my beads are created on 3/32" mandrels - I like wearing single focals on a chain, and this seems to be the ideal size for that. 

    Special Orders top

    I regret to inform you that special orders make my head hurt... Mainly because I'm a bit forgetful, and a bit paranoid about living up to someone's expectations of how their concept should turn out.  So at this point, I am not accepting special orders.

    Payment Methods top

    I accept PayPal, which allows for you to use your own credit card as a guest. I also like barter if it's items I can use - glass, murrini, tea, coffee, homemade items - but run it past me first. :)

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