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Holiday greetings!  Hoping to find my torch more heading into the new year, with some beads still awaiting adopting here. A vintage picture of some of my faves.  Peace to all!



April 13, 2020
Tickling the ivories this week, with a bit of blue for color as well. 


April 5, 2020

A few new items today, all clustered together for one photo.  Stay safe, everyone.

March 31, 2020

New beads, listed by the end of the month, just under the wire. :) 
Thank you for stopping by to visit; they're all really excited to meet you!


March 14, 2020

To the torrrrrrch!  Beads are just dancing out of my glass...

March 12, 2020

Local event cancelled due to health issues, as with many other states.  I'll continue doing my introvert beadmaking thing, and will have a variety of lovely flying eyeball beads to list when the catalog goes live before the end of the month.

Change in policy - as I am really, truly bad at special orders, I will no longer be taking them.  I'll take suggestions, but will make and list what I find singing to me in my glass.  Thank you for understanding.


March 4, 2020

I do love a good bead bouquet...

A bead bouquet to hint at what I've been up to.  The flying eyeballs are slated for a local event, the rest will be updated here before the end of the month.  I'll be sharing more on Facebook - be sure to follow me there for more updates.

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March 1, 2020

Starting with a literal clean slate here.  I'm found my torch again and am working on building stock.  The goal is to start listing here again by the end of the month, with a wide variety of options. 

To everyone who checked in, follows me on Facebook, and enjoys my work - thank you.


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