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Beads of Courage

"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand." - Emily Kimbrough
I've always learned that charity and helping others is something you just do, you don't brag about it... However, if I don't put out there that Beads of Courage exists and needs help, I'm a lonely voice when they could use a chorus.  So though it makes me a bit uncomfortable, I'd like to share... Thank you for looking.


I donate beads to Beads of Courage. I wrote the following years ago, but it still applies, so I'll share it here...
I just started making beads for a wonderful yet sad program called Beads of Courage... It helps kids with cancer chart their progress back towards good health with beads for every treatment.  It's incredible what some of these kids have already gone through, and the thousands of beads they have showing it.  I know cancer is hell, but somehow I never really conceptualized the extent of it until I saw some of the stories shown...
Now all I want to do is make beads for the program... Purple hearts are desperately needed for kids who have completed treatment, and other lampworked beads are also used.  I sat down at my torch yesterday to make my eBay beadies for this week, figuring I had a whole day to play with, and kept reverting back to Courage beads. 

It feels like the Thousand Paper Cranes... Maybe if I make enough, they won't need them... Maybe if I make enough, the kids will get better faster... Maybe, maybe, maybe...

I'm going to need more glass to work on this miracle.

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